Bachman pr is a public involvement and public communications firm specializing in government enterprise/infrastructure, multi-modal transportation/transit planning and construction, crisis communication, and community revitalization projects.

We build relationships.


New client Projects

  • Pikes Peak Summit Complex 
  • Circle Avenue Bridges
  • Strawberry Hill Master Plan
  • Powers Blvd. & Research Parkway Interchange
  • 30th Street Corridor Development
  • City of Sheridan, CO Bond Improvement Project
  • Ring the Peak Trail project
  • Platte over Sand Creek Bridges 




Formed in January 2009, Bachman pr provides public relations, communications, community outreach, public involvement and facilitation services that result in successful outcomes and solutions driven by community values. The firm is sought out to assure a goals-based approach to citizen and stakeholder involvement and public communications. Bachman pr has contributed to numerous highly successful feasibility studies, masterplans, EA/EIS and PEL studies, and construction projects.

We focus on transportation infrastructure projects, community revitalization efforts and planning/environmental studies working with private entities, and government and quasi-government agencies at the city, county, state and federal levels.

In addition, we successfully lead integrated marketing communications, branding, public relations, crisis communications, issues management and news media relations efforts for clients in real estate development, consumer products and services, travel/tourism, health care, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors.

Collaboration is the key to effective communications.
— Bachman pr